1-Gallon Whiskey Still "Georgia"
1-Gallon Whiskey Still "Georgia" $ 325.00 $ 350.00
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2.5-Gallon Whiskey Still "Alabama"
2.5-Gallon Whiskey Still "Alabama" $ 400.00 $ 420.00
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5-Gallon Moonshine Still "Virginia"
5-Gallon Moonshine Still "Virginia" $ 550.00
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10 Gallon Whiskey Still "Tennessee"
10 Gallon Whiskey Still "Tennessee" $ 800.00
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2.5-Gallon Flip Top Column Whiskey Still “West Virginia”
2.5-Gallon Flip Top Column Whiskey Still “West Virginia” $ 500.00 $ 550.00
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5-Gallon Flip Top Column Whiskey Still “Maryland” $ 775.00 $ 800.00
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A time honored tradition around the world, distilling is both an art and a science. For centuries, the best distillers have known that a copper still produces the highest quality water, essential oils, whiskey, moonshine, and more, thanks to copper’s natural detoxifying properties. Copper heats evenly and is easy to clean. And then there’s how smart its red-gold shine looks in your home.

When looking for the best moonshine stills for sale online, consider only copper, and consider only the highest-quality and best designs.

Our collection of copper moonshine stills for sale makes it easy to choose the right size and the design that fits your needs. We offer a compact 1 gallon still, perfect for small batches of essential oils or distilled water.  We offer a heavy-duty 10 gallon still, for the hobbyist or professional distiller with higher demands. We also offer a range of sizes in between, so you can find the exact size you’re looking for.

Because design of your moonshine still is so important, we give you options. Flip top column stills do double-duty as pot stills for extra versatility, and our two premium copper whiskey still designs - the Kentucky and the New York - are the perfect tools to take your distilling to the next level.

All of the products in our collection include a built-in thermometer in the onion head, no matter if it’s a copper pot still, a copper flip top column still, or one of our premium models. All of our products are also produced with extremely high quality, thick gauge copper, soldered with 100% lead-free materials. Easy to assemble, disassemble, and move, the copper whiskey stills for sale in our collection include everything you need to distill the best products at home.