Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. 100% free shipping on all orders.

How long does it take to receive my whiskey still?

Processing time is usually done the same day, however, may sometime take 2-3 days. You will usually receive your item in 3-5 business days from the time it was shipped.

Who does your shipping?

We use FedEx to fulfill our shipments.

Do you provide a tracking number after an order has been placed?

Yes. You will receive a FedEx tracking number once your order has been processed.

Is it illegal to own a whiskey still?

No, it is not illegal to own a whiskey still. However, you may only make alcohol if you have a federal distillers permit. We sell these stills as water distillers and fine oil producers. What you do with them is your own choice. Consult your state laws in regards to owning a whiskey still.

Is the whiskey still ready to use right from the box?

No. It does not come readily made and attached. It has separate parts that you have to assemble and cleanse before using.

How do you clean it?

Information about the cleaning process will be inserted in the package of your whiskey still order.

Can you tell me how to make moonshine?

No. We can not give distilling advice without proof of a federal distillers permit.

How much product can I get from a particular still?

This is a difficult answer because it is dependent on several factors, including the ingredients you use and how you decide to run it. Typically, you should be able to make about 10-20% of whatever product you decide to make. For example, if you own a 10 Gallon still, you should be able to make about 2 gallons of product.

I’ve never used a whiskey still before. Which still is ideal for me?

Our 1-Gallon whiskey still, “Georgia”, is best suited for novices and beginners who have always wanted to try their hand at moonshining, without contributing a lot of money.

Do these stills come with a thermometer that reads both Fahrenheit AND Celsius?

Yes. It shows both temperature measurements clearly.

What are the sizes of your different whiskey stills?

The size dimensions and many other specific information is listed within each product description.

How many stills am I allowed to buy a year?

You can buy as many stills as you want. Whenever you want.

Do you ship overseas?

We currently do not offer shipping overseas. However, we are considering it in the very near future.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a two-year manufacturing warranty, covering any defects or problems. We will replace your still or issue you your money back.

Do you offer a money back guaranteed plan?

Yes. More than likely this will never be needed, but you do have 90 days to return your still if you are unhappy with it. You will need to send it back, packaged, and pay for shipping. HOWEVER, you will be reimbursed the shipping charge you paid once we inspect and receive the whiskey still.

Do you use 100% copper in your stills?

YES! Absolutely. We use heavy gauged copper to give our customers a quality still for a lifetime.

My copper still is now put together. How do I seal the seams between the top and pot?

A Rye flour paste is traditionally used to seal the seams of a copper moonshine still. Information on how to make this mixture can easily be found on an internet search. If you do not want to use a paste, you may also use Teflon tape.

Is everything in the picture included in the end price?

Yes. Your whiskey still package will come with the onion top (with thermometer soldered on), pot, condensing unit and information on how to properly clean and maintain your beautiful new still. Additional pipes and attachments will also be included for larger stills. 

What heat source should I use?

For indoor distilling, use an electric stove or hot plate. For Outdoor distilling, use a propane burner. Never use an oil-stove or natural gas when distilling indoors. Make sure you are always in a well-ventilated area if you are indoors.

Do you make a thumper keg for any of your stills?

No. Thumper kegs are only used for large-scale production of a distilled product to increase proof and remove sediments. Our stills do not need a thumper keg because the onion top prevents the carryover of liquid into the condenser when properly operated. Our stills are of great quality and cost-effective for our customers.

How often should I clean my still?

We recommend cleaning it after every run to preserve it for a lifetime.

Can I use the same still to make essential oils and distill water?

No. It is very important that you have separate stills for separate purposes. Using one still for two purposes may be extremely harmful to your health.