Frequently asked questions


Our stills are handcrafted using 100% copper quality copper. Welded joints use copper, brass, tin, or silver.

If you maintain your whiskey still, it will last you a lifetime.

We recommend cleaning you're still after every use. You should never use a scouring pad or anything similar that could scratch the copper.

You can distill various spirits and essential oils using our Whiskey Still. You should never use the same still to distill spirits and essential oils.

An electric stove or hot plate is best for indoor distilling and a propane burner for outdoor distilling. Never use an oil stove or natural gas for distilling indoors. Make sure you are always in a well-ventilated area when distilling.

To make alcohol, you need federal distillers permit. We sell stills as water distillers and fine oil producers. What you do with them is your own choice. We recommend consulting your State laws regarding owning a whiskey still.

Our whiskey still orders include the Copper Pot with a soldered union construction, a copper swan neck top, a pipe with a thermometer (measuring in both Fahrenheit/Celsius), and a condensing unit. Larger stills may come with additional pipes and attachments.

For beginners, we recommend the 1 gallon still.

No, some assembly and cleaning are needed before you begin to use your still.


The copper whiskey still can make any spirit you desire, including vodka, tequila, and rum. We cannot give you instructions on distilling spirits unless you provide a distillers permit. It's recommended you check you consult State laws.

Yes, you can make essential oils using the whiskey still. Never use the same still you use for distilling water and making spirits to make essential oils.

Results will vary depending on what you're distilling. Generally, you'll be able to produce 8-22% essential oil and around 38-42% alcohol, depending on the capacity of the still. For example, a 5-gallon still will make about 2 gallons of whiskey.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping on all whiskey stills.

We process your order the same day your purchase. Average delivery is 3-5 days after it's shipped.

We ship via FedEx. You'll receive a tracking number once we process your order.

We offer a 90-day guarantee but reserve the right to a 25% restocking fee for used stills. Shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.

We offer a 2-year warranty to cover all manufacturing defects but reserve the right to a 25% fee for used stills. Shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.