About Us


Good times. Good memories.

Whiskey Still Pro Shop is dedicated to helping our customers enjoy a favorite southern pastime tradition. Whether it be the beginner who wants to try their hand at this precious art, or the veteran moonshiner who seeks a quality whiskey still to last a lifetime, Whiskey Still Pro Shop has your back.

Established years ago in the southern United States, Whiskey Still Pro Shop was created by a man with a passion for the art of distilling. This passion led to experience. This experience led to knowledge. This knowledge led to expertise. And this expertise led to the creation of the best whiskey stills the U.S. has to offer.

Whiskey Still Pro Shop is a family run business that serves the "everyman". No matter where you come from, blue collar or white collar, as long as you have a passion and joy for making whiskey, we welcome you.

Now some serious time.

There are many whiskey still websites that claim to sell “quality” merchandise or “the best stills” around. This is completely false. Compare our stills side by side to any other of our competitors and you will see the obvious difference. Whiskey Still Pro Shop sells THE BEST handcrafted, quality made whiskey stills around. We use only 100% copper, with a thick gauge per still, to guarantee our customers a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our whiskey stills have been time-tested and meet the high-approval of many experienced moonshiners. Here at whiskeystillpro.com we only sell the best. No gimmicks. No games. Only quality.