Whiskey and Moonshine Stills for Sale

1-Gallon Whiskey Still "Georgia"
1-Gallon Whiskey Still "Georgia" $ 350.00
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2.5-Gallon Whiskey Still "Alabama"
2.5-Gallon Whiskey Still "Alabama" $ 450.00
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5-Gallon Moonshine Still "Virginia"
5-Gallon Moonshine Still "Virginia" $ 599.00
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10 Gallon Whiskey Still "Tennessee"
10 Gallon Whiskey Still "Tennessee" $ 850.00
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2.5-Gallon Flip Top Column Whiskey Still “West Virginia”
2.5-Gallon Flip Top Column Whiskey Still “West Virginia” $ 500.00 $ 550.00
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5-Gallon Flip Top Column Whiskey Still “Maryland” $ 775.00 $ 800.00
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Good times. Good memories. Let's make these two important things happen!

All of our stills are meant for the financially conscious moonshiner who wants to keep their product for a lifetime. We have heard too many horror stories of other inferior still company’s products only lasting a couple of months due to poor materials and craftsmanship. Save yourself the money and headache. Whiskey Still Pro Shop guarantees only the best for our customers. Get one of our quality stills today!

Whiskey Still Pro Shop Blogs

The Science of Whiskey Barrels

September 22, 2015

There has been a recent trend in the small, independently brewed liquor makers’ community.  While men and women all over the world have entrusted their palates to fine liquor makers from established distilleries, there has been growing interest among newcomers to the market, and liquor enthusiasts to produce their own spirits.  There can be no mistaking the allure of creating your own concoctions, whether it is whiskey, gin, or any other potent potables.  This is why consumers have looked to our website seeking, for example, a 1 gallon copper moonshine still for sale.  However, what is often forgotten among whiskey makers is the inclusion of an extra phase in this particular drink’s production: barrels.  While other drinks do not necessarily...

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What is a Conical Column Whiskey Still and Why is it a Premium Design?

July 09, 2015

One of the most unique and efficient copper still designs is the “Kentucky” premium design - an 8 gallon moonshine still with a conical column that increases the “reflux” that occurs during your distillation. More reflux means a more finely distilled product, and that is great for certain types of high-quality alcohols, like the alcohol used for fuel. With a Federal Fuel Alcohol Permit you can distill alcohol at home - it won’t be safe for people to consume, but it will be amazing alcohol fuel for your equipment. Many owners of equipment and machinery that run on ethanol-based fuels are finding the benefits of distilling their own ethanol at home. For anyone looking to distill alcohol at home for...

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How Much Alcohol Will My Whiskey Still Make?

June 30, 2015

Although every copper moonshine still is different, many distillers start with a basic question like “how much moonshine will my still produce?” or “how much will I get out of my 5 gallon whiskey still?” While there is no definitive answer - you will have to make 2 or 3 batches with your particular whiskey still to understand how it operates most efficiently - we can give you some general guidelines, so that you can adjust your methods if you aren’t producing moonshine efficiently. Factors that Affect Yield The alcohol proof of your final product will be based on a variety of factors - the strength of the ingredients in your mash, the chemistry of how those ingredients interact, and...

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