Beginner-Level Bourbon Kit

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Beginner-Level Bourbon Kit

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Discover the essence of American craftsmanship with our beginner-level bourbon recipe ingredients kit, courtesy of Still'n The Clear. This kit is a tribute to the spirit of American distillers, offering everything you need to embark on the age-old tradition of bourbon making. Designed for optimal use with a 10-gallon still for a full distillation experience or perfectly split for two runs in a 5-gallon still, it's ideal for both novices and seasoned crafters.

You'll find all the foundational components in our kit, minus sugar and water, ensuring you're well on your way to creating a bourbon with classic notes of earthy vanilla and rich caramel. The included instructions are straightforward, guiding you to produce a bourbon that's a testament to your dedication and the renowned quality of American distilling.

Embrace the journey of home distillation and take pride in crafting a bourbon that celebrates the American distiller's legacy. Here's to creating and enjoying your very own piece of American spirit.


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